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Warwickshire Junior Lawyers Division – Rounders Event

7a- Rounders 30-06(1) 7b- Rounders (2)

In association with the Young Professionals in Coventry, Robert Walters Recruitment, St Ives Chambers and Wright Hassall, the Warwickshire Junior Lawyers Division (‘WJLD’) recently held their annual Rounders and Pizza event on 30th June 2016.


The attendees were split into two teams with the WJLD competing against the Young Professionals and after two very competitive round resulted in the Young Professionals beating the WJLD by just 6 points. The game was followed by pizzas which gave attendees the opportunity to network with other business contacts in a fun and informal environment.


Stephen Foster from Coventry University Law School said “We joined the ‘Young Professionals’ (yes, really) and were instrumental in beating the young lawyers. Jennifer was star fielder, Harriet was christened Teflon because her hands were non-stick, Keith was outstanding in every way and Gavin and I managed to fall over at least twice – I am very proud!”

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