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Laura Stuart – Chair of the Young Lawyers Group

Message from Laura Stuart, Chair of the WLS Young Lawyers Group


In my year as the Chair for the Warwickshire Law Society Young Lawyers Group, I have made it my objective to increase awareness, make the group more relevant and in turn increase the database and the number of attendees to our events.


So far the committee have worked together to create a survey to be completed by our database to find out what our members want to see from us.  We have designed literature to send to all law firms in the Coventry & Warwickshire area explaining the benefits of our group and asking Partners to encourage their young lawyers to join us.  From the feedback we have received, we have organised a calendar of events for 2016.  Since we finalised all of the above on 11th January 2016 we have increased our database by 10%.


As young lawyers we are inspired by the knowledge and experience of the members of the Warwickshire law Society and hope to one day emulate their success.  We are keen to work closely with the Warwickshire Law society moving forward in an effort to increase the Law Society’s profile.


We would ask that as members, you encourage the young lawyers of your firm to join our Group and attend our events.



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