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Latest News from David Murray – President

News Updates From David Murray the Society’s President,


A busy few weeks brings good news concerning the finances of the Society.




You will appreciate that Sponsors help the Society in providing training and social events and I would urge you to support them in return for their generosity.


I am pleased to report that Severn Trent searches have generously renewed their sponsorship and indeed have increased it by 10%. We await confirmation from our other main sponsor - AON - and hope to report shortly.


I would like to introduce St Ives Chambers who have agreed to sponsor the Society.


I have had productive discussions with current and potential sponsors, Santillo, Robert Brown, Sacco Mann and thank them for their continuing support.




We have let the First and Ground Floors of Friars Road and are in discussions re the Second floor. This not only stops the outgoing costs of empty premises but brings money into the Society with which we can support our members.




I ask current members to act as ambassadors for the Society and encourage lapsed and potential members to join. I have reached out to In-House Lawyers at both Coventry and Warwickshire councils, Jaguar Land Rover, The Land Registry and CPS amongst others. If anyone has any further contacts then please let myself or Lesley know.


Young Lawyers


I have attended a few functions arranged by Young Lawyers and am excited about their enthusiasm and drive. Please spread the word about the benefits of joining their group. I hope that they will be the bedrock of the Society in the future.




I do want my year to reflect the wishes of the members so please let Lesley or myself know of events that you wish us to arrange.