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Article from Laura Stuart Chair of the WLS YLG

The Young Lawyers ‘An Evening With…..?’


In association with Coventry University and Robert Walters Recruitment, the Warwickshire Young Lawyers invited their members to an evening with…..


-      David Murray, Partner of Murray Brankin Solicitors and President of the Warwickshire Law Society


-      Tracy Cross, Partner and Head of Family Department at Band Hatton Button LLP


-      John French, Partner and Non-practicing barrister in the Litigation department at Band Hatton Button LLP


The guest speakers discussed various topics including their own career paths, their achievements and important lessons they had learnt along the way. The guest speakers discussed the changes in the current legal industry today and also offered invaluable advice on how to have a successful career in law.


The young lawyers had the opportunity to ask the panel questions and the panel shared their insights into the legal industry.


The evening started with John French discussing his career path and the need for law firms to be innovative. He went on to advise the young lawyers that in his opinion, the key to a successful career in law is “ambition, legal skills and getting on with people.”


Tracy Cross, who specialises in Family Law, explained that she got into law “by accident” by starting as a legal secretary and going on to follow the legal executive route. She discussed the importance of building on your knowledge and expertise even after qualification and advised the young lawyers to “be prepared, take responsibility, have a can do attitude whilst ultimately taking care of yourself.”


David Murray, who also sits as a Deputy District Judge, discussed his route into criminal law and whilst the attendees were currently all hoping to qualify into private law, he explained that it is “Important to test the different areas of the law.”


What was interesting (and noted by a number of the attendees) was that of the 3 guest speakers present and all of the attendees, nobody had followed the ‘traditional route’ into law.


Interestingly, the guest speakers concluded the speeches by offering the young lawyers some important advice. They stressed the competitiveness of the legal market and encouraged the young lawyers to “get out there and meet people. The Law Society gives you the voice to talk to peers and colleagues. The more networking you do, the more people remember.”


The Young Lawyers would like to thank the guest speakers for their contribution to the event. They would also like to thank Coventry University for use of their facilities and Robert Walters Recruitment for providing the buffet and drinks for the evening.

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